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Serving Families for
Over 40 Years

Serving Families for Over 40 Years

The Lee Financial Story:  A Step Ahead

Breaking from conventional wisdom isn’t easy. But when the business model isn’t right, and you’re confident that there must be a better way to serve your clients, following the herd isn’t an option.

In 1972, Richie Lee launched his career in the financial services industry. He was committed to putting his clients’ financial well being above all else, but he quickly discovered that the prevailing financial services model didn’t serve his client’s best interests – so he started a movement.   In 1975, Richie founded Lee Financial as a fee-only financial advisory firm.

From the beginning, we have encouraged our clients to look beyond the limitations of traditional portfolio management, financial planning and business consulting.  We continue to provide our clients with innovative portfolio management, adding broader diversification through the use of investment options that remain largely unavailable to independent investors.

A Lasting Legacy

As Lee Financial grew, Richie worked to ensure that the company that bore his name had a stable and thriving future. He did this by building a team of the industry’s leading financial planners, investment managers, and analysts. Today, we continue to share his commitment and passion for serving the needs of our clients and their families.  Our knowledgeable team includes: Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders, Certified Public Accountants, a Chartered Life Underwriter® and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

A Vision for Tomorrow Based on 40 Years of Tradition

We continue to be industry leaders and innovators.  Our WholeVision™ approach develops a financial plan with considerable depth and understanding for our client’s diverse needs.   Our mission is to help our clients make careful, intelligent decisions for the purpose of achieving security, success, fulfillment and significance in their lives.  Putting our clients first has allowed us to withstand the test of time.