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Summary of 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation has been passed by Congress and signed by the President. The Act makes extensive changes that affect both individuals and businesses.

D Magazine’s 2017 Best Financial Planners & Top Wealth Managers

We are proud to have been named in D Magazine’s 2017 list of “Top Wealth Managers in Dallas” as well as have 6 team members be selected by

Equifax Breach: What You Need To Know

On September 7th, Equifax reported a massive breach of over 143 million records from their database. According to Equifax, the data breach lasted from mid-May through July of

Tax Benefits of Homeownership

Buying a home can be a major expenditure. Fortunately, federal tax benefits are available to make home-ownership more affordable and less expensive. There may also be tax benefits

The Health-Wealth Connection

It’s a vicious cycle: Money is one of the greatest causes of stress, prolonged stress can lead to serious health issues, and health issues often result in yet

What Are Some Tips For Creating A Home Inventory?

Imagine having to remember and describe every item in your home, especially after you’ve been the victim of a fire, theft, or natural disaster. Rather than relying on

Do I Need To File A Gift Tax Return?

If you transfer money or property to anyone in any year without receiving something of at least equal value in return, you may need to file a federal

The Alternative Minimum Tax — Not Just for the Wealthy

When first introduced, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) was widely acknowledged to be a rich person’s ‘s tax — a fallback tax for those wily taxpayers with big

2017 Key Numbers to Know

A summary of the 2017 key numbers and rates for retirement, education, income tax and estate planning. 2017 Key Financial Numbers from Lee Financial A PDF version of the

D Magazine’s 2016 List of Best Financial Planners in Dallas

We are proud to announce that seven members of Lee Financial’s wealth management team have been named in D Magazine’s 2016 list of Best Financial Planners in Dallas.  The

Getting Granny’s Gold

While anyone can fall for these schemes, elder financial abuse has become a big problem. The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse provides information to help

Transferring Assets to a 529 Plan

Americans who want to take full advantage of 529 college savings plans may have the option of transferring assets from other types of college accounts into a 529

LFC Viewpoint: Q2 2016 Market Outlook

Global equity markets had a roller coaster ride the first quarter of 2016, declining more than 10% through the first six weeks of the year only to have

New Rules Affect Retirement Savings Advice

On April 6, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued new “conflict of interest” rules regarding financial advice as it relates to retirement plans and IRAs. The new

Starting A New Business in Retirement

Not that long ago, retirement meant being put out to pasture, with long days punctuated by occasional games of golf and bridge. But today, with lengthening life expectancies

Managing a Disability or Chronic Illness

Create a financial plan that can help you make the best of any circumstance. Here’s a checklist for financial preparedness. Lay a secure foundation Consider disability insurance to

LFC Viewpoint: Q1 2016 Market Outlook

Global equity markets provided investors with mostly lackluster returns in 2015 and have had a difficult start in 2016.  Indices that measure the performance of large domestic equities,

2016 Key Numbers To Know

A summary of the 2016 key numbers and rates for retirement, education, income tax and estate planning. 2016 Key Numbers from Lee Financial Corporation A PDF version of the

Washington Wish List: 2016 Proposed Tax Legislation

Congress is always looking to make changes, and those changes can affect planning in significant ways. The below information is about PROPOSED legislation, so do not let it

D Magazine’s 2015 List of Best Financial Planners in Dallas

Six members of Lee Financial’s wealth management team have been named in D Magazine’s 2015 Best Financial Planners in Dallas list.  This year’s honorees include Jenny Armstrong, CFP®,

LFC Viewpoint: Q4 2015 Market Outlook

Global equity markets rebounded strongly through early October and have retraced most of the losses experienced in the third quarter.  Indices that measure the performance of large domestic

Estate Planning for the Retirement Plan

For many Americans today, the retirement plan has taken over the traditional family home as their most valuable asset.  Add to that the tax deferred nature of a

Medicare Open Enrollment Period Begins October 15

What is the Medicare open enrollment period?  The Medicare open enrollment period is the time during which people with Medicare can make new choices and pick plans that

2015 Year End Tax Planning Basics

As the end of the 2015 tax year approaches, set aside some time to evaluate your situation and consider potential opportunities. Effective year-end planning depends on a good

LFC Viewpoint: Commentary on Market Volatility – Aug. 2015

Over the past few weeks, the global equity markets have seen significant declines due to concerns regarding slowing growth in China, declining energy prices and currency devaluations.  We

What Is A Trust Protector and Advisor?

Trust protectors or advisors are becoming much more commonplace in trust drafting, so what is a trust protector anyway? It is fair to say that the terms are

2015 – 2016 Internship Opportunity

Lee Financial is seeking an intern for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  The firm’s year-round internship program is a dynamic, engaging opportunity for students considering a career

Business Succession Planning Basics

The American Dream, owning your own business, being your own boss, passing the family business to your heirs, or selling it for a big payday. Yet most people

LFC Viewpoint: Q3 2015 Market Outlook

OVERVIEW Economic indicators remained decidedly mixed for the US economy through the second quarter of 2015.  While the labor market continued to improve as measured by the ongoing

Basis and Income Tax Planning for the Estate Plan

Since 2011 we have been in a world of record high estate tax exemptions. As a result, less than two tenths of one percent of the population is