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Planning and Changing Alongside Our Clients

Planning, Adapting, and Changing
Alongside our Clients

How We Are Different


Lee Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As such, we are dedicated to and required by law to act in the clients’ best interest. We do not sell products (i.e., Mutual Funds, Insurance, Annuities, etc) or receive any commissions, nor do we receive trail fees, “back-end interest” or referral fees from third parties. Additional information regarding our compensation can be found in our Form ADV.

WholeVision™ Process

Lee Financial’s WholeVision™ process is an integrated planning process involving four primary forms of capital: Human, Financial, Fulfillment and Shared.  We utilize the WholeVision™ approach in order to address goals, liquidity constraints and cash flow needs. The result is exceptional financial advice and an integrated approach to managing our clients’ financial lives.

Human Capital

We know that our clients create most of their net worth with their Human Capital – a unique combination of talent, skill and education.  Because Human Capital can influence so much in life, it plays a major role in our WholeVision™ philosophy.  We help increase returns on Human Capital for business owners, executives and employees by performing specializing modeling, business consulting and succession planning.

Independent Research Team

In-depth portfolio management calls for a tailored approach to investment research.  Our in-house, dedicated research team analyzes many types of investments, allowing our clients to benefit from objective, unbiased advice.

Access to Alternative Investments

Lee Financial offers clients access to investment strategies and managers not commonly available to individual investors.  As a result, Lee Financial’s access to alternative investments compliments its traditional portfolios, adding an additional level of diversification.