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Planning and Changing Alongside Our Clients

Planning, Adapting, and Changing
Alongside our Clients

Human Capital Focus

Your Human Capital is a non-tradable asset whose risk characteristics affect both your asset allocation and savings targets. We balance the risk of your Human Capital with the allocations of your portfolio – more specifically we analyze your income variance risk against risk of your financial assets. In addition, we help increase returns on Human Capital for business owners, executives and employees through performing:

  • Specialized Modeling
  • Business Consulting
  • Exit Planning
  • Professional Transitions
  • Operations Evaluation
  • Transaction Facilitation

Our WholeVision™ approach, with its true 360-degree perspective, considers your talents, skills and education as part of your overall portfolio. Some Human Capital services may incur additional fees to clients depending upon the scope of your project.  Please refer to our ADV for more information.