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Planning and Changing Alongside Our Clients

Planning, Adapting, and Changing
Alongside our Clients

WholeVision™ Approach

Lee Financial’s WholeVision™ process is founded on the premise “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The integrated planning process involves four primary forms of capital: Human, Financial, Fulfillment, and Shared in order to address goals, liquidity constraints and cash flow needs.


  • Human Capital: The value each individual will receive in their lifetime from the employment of their personal talents, skill set, education, and experience.  The harvesting of this human capital will usually constitute the largest contribution to each person’s future net worth and consumption.
  • Financial Capital: The capital that has been harvested from each individual or family’s Human Capital.  These funds are invested to accomplish specific targeted goals such as long-term personal financial security, working capital for entrepreneurial businesses, support obligations for extended family members, future education cost, and financial contingencies.
  • Fulfillment Capital: People reward themselves with a chosen standard of living and certain lifestyle purchases.  These costs evolve over time based on the success of their Human Capital and Financial Capital.
  • Shared Capital: The capital that is voluntarily shared with other members of the family, earmarked for philanthropic purposes, or involuntarily set aside for income and estate taxes.

Our wealth management team partners with clients to create an organized, disciplined system addressing their diverse needs.  On-going dialog and proactive monitoring promotes the achievement of clients’ long-term objectives, which evolve over time.